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  • Can I book appointments online?
    Yes! Click HERE to book your grooming appointment online at your favorite location!
  • I'm pretty particular about what products I use on my pet. How about you guys?
    Same. We only use the highest quality natural products that are best suited for your pet. The groomer will chose the best product for your pet, so feel free to ask them what they are using!
  • I know it sounds terrifying, but will you bathe my cat?
    Cat grooming is not for the faint of heart, but we actually DO provide it at certain locations. Please call your preferred grooming location to see if we can accommodate this!
  • I’m not comfortable with the idea of muzzles. Do you use them?
    Only if absolutely necessary. Some pets get really, really stressed during grooming, and that can lead to aggression. We have to keep our groomers safe, and sometimes muzzles are the only way. But if you’re not okay with the idea of muzzles for any reason, just let your groomer know ahead of time.
  • How long will it take to transform my dog into a fresh-smelling vision of loveliness?
    About 3 hours. Of course, every pet is unique, so depending on how shaggy a mane he has or how much of a fan of water he is, your timing may vary a little. But we’ll give you a call as soon as we’re done.
  • Does my dog have to get all his shots to be groomed?
    That’s our recommendation. It’s for your pet’s safety and the safety of others. However, the only one we absolutely require is the rabies vaccination.
  • My dog is, shall we say, not the friendliest with other dogs. Is that ok?
    That’s a tough one. We think all dogs deserve great grooming, and most of the time we can accommodate even tough customers. In some cases, we may require special appointment times and may also charge a special handling fee depending on your pet’s needs. And, if it comes down to it, we may even have to turn down the appointment if we don’t think we can handle your dog safely. Thanks for understanding.
  • What is your product Philosophy?
    Our general rule of thumb is that if ingredients aren’t safe for us, they’re not safe for our pets. But to earn our stamp of approval, products have to both natural and premium. On our grooming products and services, it means you can trust that they’re 100% gentle for your pet’s skin and coat. And on our treats, supplements and supplies, it stands for the high health and safety standards we hold for each and every brand we sell.
  • There are so many different types of food. How do I know which one is right for my pet?
    Every pet has unique nutrition needs based on their breed, size, shape, activity level and many other factors. The best way to help your pet be the best version of themselves is to build a healthy, balanced bowl that’s a combination of proteins, toppers, hydrators and supplements that are specific to your pet. Please talk to one of our nutrition specialists in-store or on the phone for a recommendation on the best food for your pet.
  • I’m getting a parrot or maybe a cool snake. Do you carry food and supplies for them?
    We think all pets are awesome, but we like to focus on just dogs and cats. That way, we can give you the most carefully selected range of natural food, treats, toys, supplements and supplies possible.
  • My pet’s got allergies but loves treats. What do I do?
    Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of delicious treats that will hit the spot without giving your dog hot spots. We carry a large variety of grain-free and whole meat treat options – including exciting protein options like venison, rabbit and kangaroo.
  • I think my pet could use a supplement. What have you got?
    The real question is, what don’t we carry? We’ve got supplements for everything from dental health to mental health and anything in between — probiotics, digestive aids, multivitamins, joint health support, omega-3, immune support, urinary tract health, flea and tick protection and more.
  • I’m going to give my dog a haircut. Do you carry grooming supplies?
    Oh boy. Remember when your mom gave you a bowl cut as a kid? We carry maintenance grooming supplies like shampoos, conditioners, combs, brushes and nail clippers. Plus we offer professional grooming, which is a lot less likely to end in tears. Find your nearest location to book an appointment.
  • How do you decide where to source products?
    Our number one priority is finding vendors whose products we believe in. To us, that means they have to be products we’d be thrilled to give our own pets, or they’re a no-go. Currently, we source from trusted regions like the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We have a variety of toys made in the USA, as well as from other countries.
  • I’m thinking about getting a pet. Do you sell them?
    Nope, but can we interest you in a rescue? Keep your eye on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for rescue events at our stores. You can also check out our events page for any upcoming chances to make a friend for life.
  • What’s going on with the FDA and grain-free diets?
    The FDA is studying the potential link between grain-free diets and Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy. The study is ongoing and there is no confirmation. We will continue to update with new information.
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