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 Use online booking to schedule your appointments or simply give us a call.
To book online, create an account, select your location, groomer and book.

Make sure you Pet feels its best.  

Regular grooming is important for your pet to keep them healthy and happy.  Our grooming experts will make your four-legged family member look good, smell good and most importantly feel like a rockstar.  


We require up to date vacinnations. You can either:

  • Upload their rabies certificate and proof of vaccinations

  • Bring a copy of these records to your local store

  • If your pet has been sedated or been given medication for the purpose of sedation, we cannot accept the groom, ask about our calming solutions  for anxious pets

Our Services

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Full-Service Groom

Is your pup in need of a good hair day?

Includes a Bath and Groom.

  • All-natural products

  • Calming body massage

  • Coat and skin assessment

  • Blow dry

  • Full brush-out

  • Nail trim

  • Ear cleaning/plucking

  • Haircut

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Full Service Bath

Get your dog squeaky clean!

  • All-natural products

  • Calming body massage

  • Coat and skin assessment

  • Blow dry

  • Full brush-out

  • Nail trim

  • Ear cleaning/plucking


Your dog deserves all the works!

Just add a treatment on to a full-service groom or bath.

Shed Control Treatment

Helps reduce your pup's shedding for up to 3 months. This can also increase their circulation!

Flea & Tick Treatment

The essential oils in this treatment keep fleas, ticks and mosquitos away!

Moisturizing Hot Oil Treatment

This lavender hot oil treatment nourishes your pup's skin and conditions their hair to promote growth. Plus its makes them super soft!

Skin Soother

Treat your pup's hot spots with a grain-free, allergy-safe aloe and calendula treatment.

Natural Deodorizing Package

Your pup will be washed twice with a degreasing/deodorizing shampoo and conditioned afterwards. This is for those seriously stinky pups!

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Make It a Spa Day

When your pup really needs to sit back and relax.

 For a spa day, book a regular appointment and then you can add 3 more services.

One from each category

  • A facial

  • A skin & coat treatment

  • Paw wax and nose butter or tooth brushing

Grooming Locations

20th Street*

Austin Arboretum*
Buffalo Speedway*

South Lamar*

Sterling Ranch
Stone Oak*
Washington Ave
West Gray*
West University
Woodland Hughes*

* Stores formerly under the Krisers Brand

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